Where’s Wald- Oh, I mean Edward?!

Marriage License of an Edward Overhulser and Elizabeth R. R. Brown on 13 May 1873 in Allen County, Ohio.

When I first decided to really focus on the Overholt side of my family tree, the tree filled up pretty quickly as a result of others research. But, being the person that I am, I wanted my own proof. So, I set out to find it, hoping to discover a Revolutionary War ancestor along the… Continue reading Where’s Wald- Oh, I mean Edward?!

Peter Oberholser (1766-1818) ~ Burial Location

Peter Oberholser's grave marker

Peter Oberholser is the eldest known son of Samuel Oberholtzer -(1729-1783). Samuel immigrated with his father, Jacob, and sister, Elizabeth, in 1732. It is unknown where Peter was born. He would have been conceived shortly after the marriage of his father, Samuel, and Maria Eva Hausswirth, his mother. Since this marriage happened in Lancaster County,… Continue reading Peter Oberholser (1766-1818) ~ Burial Location

Samuel Overholtzer (1729-1783) ~ Land and burial in Virginia

View of the land from behind St. Mary's Pine Lutheran Church looking Northwest.

My first visit to Virginia took me to Shenandoah County near Mount Jackson. I spent the day there with my Dad on 04 August 2014.¬†We were looking for the location of the land and burial of Samuel Overholtzer (1729-1783), my 6th Great Grandfather, among others. Samuel Overholtzer came to America with his father, Jacob, a… Continue reading Samuel Overholtzer (1729-1783) ~ Land and burial in Virginia