Why call it Above My Family Trees?

My maiden name is Overholt. As defined on the Overholser Family Association website,

“Oberholtzer: Name Meaning and History – German: from Middle High German ober ‘above’ (or German ober-‘upper’) + holz ‘wood’ + the suffix -er, denoting an inhabitant, a topographic name for someone who lived above a wood or on the far side of it, or alternatively a habitational name for someone who lived in a place known as Oberholtz (‘upper wood’).”

The blog site name Above My Family Trees is a play on the meaning of my maiden name, Overholt. It is also meant to encompass all those trees who have come together over time, branches intertwined. As I look down from above, my ancestors now pieces of history, I read of them documented in a Deed or Will book, mentioned in a County History, a personal letter fading and yellow, or a grave stone almost smooth from Earth’s elements.

May we always find ways to preserve their existence and honor their memories.


  1. George and John Beer are indeed Solomon’s uncles. Solomon is the son of Isaac as are George and John. Isaac also has sons named Abraham, William, Jacob, Thomas and Winterfred. The father of Isaac is Amos Beer. Many thanks because your article actually helped me find out out Peter. We have been researching our family for decades. Many of your Beer family will be on my Rootsmagic site.



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