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I grew up learning about genealogy from my Grandmother, Glatha Dee Ware Neff. I’ve been searching through court houses, libraries, and cemeteries for over 35 years. While I haven’t been able to always do research, I’ve always come back! It is a hobby of mine that I truly get lost in.

I descend from Jacob Oberholtzer who immigrated to America on 11 August 1732 on the Ship Samuel. He was a widower and brought his two children, Elizabeth and Samuel. His son, Samuel, is my 6th Great Grandfather. Not much of my direct line  is researched. I hope this to be a start of documenting this family.

I also descend from Peter Beer on my paternal Grandmother’s side. Peter served our country in the Civil War. This family is also not researched.

On my maternal side, I come from the Neff and Ware families. My Grandmother has done 50+ years of research on these families and has accumulated over 143,000 names.

I am a busy wife and mother. I am also a licensed Realtor, Property Management business owner, and volunteer at my church.

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