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I grew up learning about genealogy from my Grandmother, Glatha Dee Ware Neff. I’ve been searching through court houses, libraries, and cemeteries for over 35 years. While I haven’t been able to always do research, I’ve always come back! It is a hobby of mine that I truly get lost in.

I descend from Jacob Oberholtzer who immigrated to America on 11 August 1732 on the Ship Samuel. He was a widower and brought his two children, Elizabeth and Samuel. His son, Samuel, is my 6th Great Grandfather. Not much of my direct line  is researched. I hope this to be a start of documenting this family.

I also descend from Peter Beer on my paternal Grandmother’s side. Peter served our country in the Civil War. This family is also not researched.

On my maternal side, I come from the Neff and Ware families. My Grandmother has done 50+ years of research on these families and has accumulated over 143,000 names.

I am a busy wife and mother. I am also a licensed Realtor, Property Management business owner, and volunteer at my church.


  1. I am a descendant of Jacob Oberholtzer (1704-1755) living in Canada. I have looked carefully at your ‘Above My Family Trees’ site and am wondering if I have found a discrepancy. One of the maps for Jacob’s land (current owner map) seems to be north of the East Bowmansville (T963) road, while the Google maps (cemetery marked with the purple pins) appears to be south of East Bowmansville Rd. Is there something I’m missing? Which location applies? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!


    1. Hi, Marney! The current owner map is showing where the farm is/was. The Google maps are showing a guess of where old stones and bones were found. It is believed a cemetery was there. I’m not saying the Google map is also the location of the farm. It was a guess that Jacob could have been buried where the stones and bones where found, which is just south of the farm.


      1. Hi Melanie,

        Thanks for replying. I think I now understand.

        Jacob’s farm was north of the East Bowmansville Rd (T963) while the presumed cemetery was south of that road….and most importantly, the cemetery was not on his own property! Correct?

        I think my brain was stuck on the thought that he would have been buried on his own property and I have misinterpreted.

        I’m sorry to have bothered you but delighted to have it cleared up!

        Thanks again, Marney

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