My maiden name is Overholt. As defined on the Overholser Family Association website:
“Oberholtzer: Name Meaning and History – German: from Middle High German ober ‘above’ (or German ober-‘upper’) + holz ‘wood’ + the suffix -er, denoting an inhabitant, a topographic name for someone who lived above a wood or on the far side of it, or alternatively a habitational name for someone who lived in a place known as Oberholtz (‘upper wood’).”

The name Above My Family Trees is a play on the meaning of my maiden name, Overholt. It is also meant to encompass all those trees who have come together over time, branches intertwined. As I look down from above, my ancestors now pieces of history, I read of them documented in a Deed or Will book, mentioned in a County History, a personal letter fading and yellow, or a grave stone almost smooth from Earth’s elements.

May we always find ways to preserve their existence and honor their memories.